About Us

We are the manufacturers of Open, Close and Ring forgings of Ferrous, Non ferrous metals. We manufacture components like Gear Blanks, Flats, Spindle, Pinion Shafts, Yoke Shafts, Rings and Bonnets as per customer requirements. We have a team of technically qualified engineers, techno crafts and skilled workmen for planning, production, quality control and other allied activities. We adopt the standards of latest methods.

At our forge shop we use various grades of metals like Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels and Stainless Steels depending on the specification of customers for their application. Our forgings have been used in various sectors like Automobile, Turbo Machines, Locomotives, Sealing Systems, Earth moving Equipments, Valves, Boilers, CNC Machines etc.

Our forging factory is well established with Forging Hammers, Ring Rolling Machines and all other in house facilities like Raw Material Yard, Machine Shop, Chemical, Mechanical, Metallurgical Laboratories and latest Heat Treatment Plant.

Mr. G. Robinson
Managing Partner

Other Partners

Mr. G. Arul Das
Mr. G. Vince
Mr. A. R. Suresh
Mr. R. Robinson